Naomi is 2!

Naomi has made it to 2 years old with flying colors!  She has blown her GI doctors away!  Alagille Syndrome is mostly known for its effects on the liver and the heart.  As soon as Naomi was diagnosed they immediately started talking about liver transplants.  Probably to prepare us for what they thought was inevitable, but … Continue reading

A Special Valentines Day!

We haven’t really celebrated Valentines Day with the kids yet.  I tried last year, but they didn’t quite get it.  Since we homeschool there’s no big peer event that makes them realize they are missing something. Well, this year between some books that we’ve read, and the fact that our monthly calendar has Valentines Day … Continue reading

So much to be thankful for!

With heart cath #2 complete, we find ourselves at a crossroads.  The doctor did everything he could to try and coax her arteries to do what they should, but despite his best efforts, they refuse to cooperate.  He used multiple sized balloons and the last balloon even had tiny razors on it in hopes of … Continue reading

Non GMO project certified!

I’ve been trying to find the certified organic products at the commissary, especially milk and whatever produce I can. Produce is sparse, but I have started noticing the dairy! So lately I’ve been springing the extra bucks and feeling good about it. My newest discovery was on accident! I was looking for a popping corn. … Continue reading

A sneak peak and a project update…

We are almost to our campaign goal, and I could never thank you enough.  People have been giving with prayer, props, time, and money, and each of you has been so key to making this project move foreword.  Yeah yeah, people say that ALL the time when they lead projects! But on a low budget … Continue reading

On This Silent Night – part 2

Welcome to part 2!  I’ll keep it shorter than the last because from here the fun begins.  What fun?!?!  A music video!  The Lord has recently put people in my path who have stirred creative juices and the opportunity to share the song(s) the Lord has given me.  ‘On This Silent Night’ will be coming … Continue reading

Naomi is one!!

Naomi is one!  I can’t believe it.  At one point we were wondering if she was going to live another week, a month, and now it’s been a whole year!!  She was named well…Naomi Hope.  She is doing so well that her doctors aren’t too worried about her AGL Syndrome at the moment.  She’ll always be … Continue reading

On This Silent Night – part 1

Who am I?  Many of you know already, but these next two posts are ones that I need you to share with your friends and family so just bare with me for one paragraph!  My name is Jennifer Leja.  I’m a wife, military spouse, mom, homeschooler, musician, and follower of Jesus Christ.  I’ve done quite … Continue reading

8 Months

Isn’t it funny whenever you see a baby you just have to say “Hi” over and over and over again?  Or am I the only one?!?  Hahahaha!  It’s been a lot of fun to watch Naomi FINALLY learn how to crawl and sit up on her own.  Her head is still very large for her … Continue reading

Spring with Amber !

Today we went to PWOC forgetting that it is Spring Break.  Needless to say we were the only ones there.  Instead I did a little spring scavenger hunt with Amber while Emory sat in time out for playing with his ball by the main street in front of our house.  ;0)  Here’s what we got! … Continue reading